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My philosophy on Yoga as in life is work hard gets results, play hard have fun!

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“Mandy is an amazing teacher, she encourages and corrects each and every student throughout the class in a way that does not single anyone out. I remember that when I joined the class I thought that I would never be able to get into a challenging pose, however, Mandy's hard work payed off. I wasn't able to get into a "wheel" pose since I was 12 (a very long time ago!) and then during a regular class I realised I was up there and was able to hold the pose comfortably! I am very happy that I met Mandy, she is my favourite teacher and she changed me through teaching of yoga. Thank you!!! Namaste 🙏🏻”


Milton Keynes

“I have been lucky enough to have been guided through my yoga practice by Mandy for the last few months. I'm a relative beginner and her calm, supportive, and encouraging manner are just what I need. Her classes always leave you with a warm glow inside and out! ”

Julie B

Milton Keynes



I'm back from a yoga retreat in Cuba, what a wonderful experience.
If you like the idea of a retreat why not look at my retreat to Ischia in Italy from 1 to 8 July?

Yoga Retreat Holiday in Italy

Next year I will be running my first yoga retreat holiday in Italy. I’ve been on many retreats and they have all been different but each one of them has enriched my life and provided a really positive, enriching experience.