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My philosophy on Yoga as in life is work hard gets results, play hard have fun!

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“Mandy is an amazing teacher, she encourages and corrects each and every student throughout the class in a way that does not single anyone out. I remember that when I joined the class I thought that I would never be able to get into a challenging pose, however, Mandy's hard work payed off. I wasn't able to get into a "wheel" pose since I was 12 (a very long time ago!) and then during a regular class I realised I was up there and was able to hold the pose comfortably! I am very happy that I met Mandy, she is my favourite teacher and she changed me through teaching of yoga. Thank you!!! Namaste 🙏🏻”


Milton Keynes

“I have been lucky enough to have been guided through my yoga practice by Mandy for the last few months. I'm a relative beginner and her calm, supportive, and encouraging manner are just what I need. Her classes always leave you with a warm glow inside and out! ”

Julie B

Milton Keynes

“Dear Mandy Thank you so much for your inspirational teaching during our Ischia retreat. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and felt an amazing sense of achievement being able, with your guidance and encouragement to get into some new poses. Thank you again - you're the best yoga teacher ever. ”


Milton Keynes

“Love Mandy’s classes because she is wonderful. She is knowledgeable and focused. She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable. Her classes are refreshing and renewing to the mind and body. Mandy makes yoga accessible for the beginner as well and the more seasoned practitioner. She always asks new students if they have injuries or issues so she knows to teach them modifications if needed. She obviously knows her anatomy, and explains how the poses benefit the parts of the body. She teaches to who is in front of her. Every class is different depending on who is there. See you soon.”


Woburn Sands

"In the midst of the panic and gloom of the dreaded Covid-19 virus, I have found time to write a short review on my recent yoga retreat with Mandy to Goa.

That said, I struggle to find the words! The serenity I found at Leela Cottages was just amazing. I loved the rustic, authentic location, the food was amazing and the people just so accommodating. The weather couldn't have been better and the company was spot on but more than anything, the yoga was special. Having not practised for a long time and carrying a knee injury, I wondered how much I could get out of each session. From the first, restorative practice I knew I'd arrived on the best retreat. Each practice was different and whilst some were challenging, Mandy always took care to direct me according to my injury so as not to damage me further. I can honestly say that my knee felt and still feels much better from my Goan yoga!

However, it is my state of mind which I feel has improved more than anything else. I usually function in "fire-fighting" mode and now I insist on taking life at least a little slower and I fully appreciate what is important to me.

I can highly recommend a retreat with Mandy and only wish they could be prescribed for us all regularly.

I hope we can all stay safe and well and can look forward to a future retreat like this one!" ”


New Forest

"O M G!!! Such a brilliant retreat in GOA!!!

I just loved every minute. The yoga was a perfect mixture; loved the poems and prayers, partner work and the early morning silent walks on that gorgeous beach.

Leela Cottages were so nice a very tranquil setting and great for staggering to the beach. The staff and food really excellent.

I met some lovely people and really enjoyed their company. Will think back on it all with very fond memories.

Love and thanks."


Milton Keynes

Yin yoga slows me down, gives me space to be quiet and relax into deep stretches - I nearly always find that I can do more/go a little deeper after a little time. It's a good contrast to the rest of my exercise regime - running, weights, martial arts - all feel very yang!

As part of the martial arts we fight while going down and getting up - without putting hands on floor and for years I could only do this with left leg in front and right coming behind and the other day found I could do both sides! Not sure if it's been the yin or your other yoga classes but something has improved hip mobility - so thanks for that.


Milton Keynes

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